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Carrus Vision & Values

The Carrus Group strives to be a leading, multi-generational, sustainable,
profitable group of companies by nurturing
win-win relationships with all our stakeholders

Leading - to facilitate growth by contributing thought leadership in our position among top companies across a diverse range of industries.

Multi-Generational - the Carrus 50-year vision ensures a sustainable growth path for future generations of Carrus leaders.

Sustainable, Profitable - by creating recurring revenue streams and adding business value, Carrus ensures sustainable profitability.

Group of Companies - our diverse group of companies share a common belief in doing business with integrity and accountability.

Nurturing - through careful tending and nurturing of all our relationships, we facilitate the appropriate return on investment for our stakeholders.

Relationships - by embracing partnership and fair ownership, we strive to generate wealth and growth for our stakeholders. We value the relationships we have with all our stakeholders.

All our Stakeholders - we believe in the sharing of skills, experience and opportunities in exchange for enthusiastic participation and the satisfaction of seeing strong participants in the workplace. We view our stakeholders as our employees, shareholders, clients, associates, employees and our communities..