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Our People

Reg Marais

Reg is one of the founding members of Carrus and his background in the legal environment supports his current position as Managing Director. Reg oversees management of all the Carrus companies.

He contributes legal expertise during implementation of Carrus solutions. As a labour law and transformation management expert, he has extensive experience regarding labour law litigation and general industrial relations management. His expertise is backed by a B Com (Law), a B Com Hons (Industrial Relations) and an LLB.

As an entrepreneur, Reg is successful in establishing business relationships and dealing with business leaders across the economic spectrum. He excels at supporting large organisations and corporate clients facing labour-related challenges. His approach is to identify and understand the true essence of a problem situation before he proceeds to fashion an appropriate solution.

By applying his expertise with total commitment, Reg has contributed to the exponential growth of Carrus during the last 5 years.

Felicia Venter

Felicia joined Carrus as Financial Director and CEO of Carrus Fleet Management with focus on:

  • Implementation and support of fleet risk management solutions.

  • Integration of various transport and logistics data sources to facilitate management control and decision-making.

She manages all IT-related projects delivered by Carrus, in her capacity as Information Technology manager and consultant. Felicia has worked in the IT industry for more than 20 years. Her extensive experience with application development, systems integration and project management, supports her current role as overall IT projects manager in Carrus.

Felicia completed a B.Sc (Econ) Computer Science with majors in Computer Science, Mathematics and Accountancy. She then completed a B.Sc Hons in Computer Science followed by an M.Com in Business Management (both Cum Laude).

Felicia views problems as creative challenges. She has an exceptional capacity to see the bigger picture and to drill down to the source of a problem. From this vantage point, Felicia consistently defines and implements high-impact Carrus solutions.

Riaan Venter

Riaan is one of the founding members of Carrus. His background in the fleet management and logistics environments supports his role as Business Development Director, which entails:

  • Infusing Group marketing by proactively identifying and developing business opportunities across the interrelated fields of fleet management, logistics and labour outsourcing

  • Steering fleet management consulting and coaching projects

  • Providing fleet-related managerial assistance to large local authorities and government departments

  • Guiding clients towards optimal fleet processes and operations, through custom-designed fleet improvement strategies.

Riaan has more than 20 years management experience across the fields of integrated fleet management systems and consulting. His expertise is backed by a Bcom in Transport Economics, a B-Com Hons in Industrial Relations and a Masters degree in Business Management.

Riaan also contributes to the success of Carrus driver empowerment initiatives by overseeing the transformation processes involved.

He excels at facilitating high-level strategic turnaround and at the same time he can advise clients regarding the finer details of monitoring operations and consolidating various data sources.

George Matthee

George is one of the founding members of Carrus. His current position as Operations Director is supported by a solid background across in the field of operational logistics, including transport, distribution and warehouse management.

He manages the successful operation of Carrus logistics and labour outsourcing projects. His experience is backed by a B Com Hons. He is regarded as an expert manager in the following logistics areas:

  • Process optimization and account management

  • Setup and management of employee empowerment companies

  • Logistics cost modeling

  • Operational fleet management and transport economics

  • Chemical manufacturing (FMCG) processes.

George excels at the management of large, time sensitive, high-risk distribution operations.

As a qualified economist with hands-on dedication and management expertise, he contributes to positioning of Carrus as an exceptional outsourcing solution provider.

Lourens Maritz

Lourens Maritz

His current position as Chief Operating Officer is supported by a solid background across the field of logistics, including transport, distribution and warehouse management.

He manages the successful operation of the Carrus Group and all it subsidiaries and is backed by more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

With this extensive experience in the field of supply chain management, including warehousing and distribution, he is regarded as an expert manager in the following logistics areas:

  • Process engineering and optimization

  • Warehouse planning and fulfilment

  • Fleet and distribution planning and optimization

  • Business strategy development and execution

  • Business viability studies and execution

  • Supply chain cost and profit modelling

  • Operational management and transport economics

Lourens excels at the management of super supply chain, time sensitive, high-risk distribution operations which is evident when analysing his track record of listed companies in which he held senior positions.

Dan Matle

Dan Matle

Dan is a human resources and labour law expert with more than 18 years management experience. Besides acting as Consulting Director, he is one of the founding members of Carrus Ukhozi, the labour providing and consulting subsidiary of the Group.

He has worked as HR practitioner across all the following industries: mining, motor manufacturing, locomotive and rolling stock manufacturing, chemical manufacturing (FMCG) as well as the services industry.

As a young boilermaker, Dan soon excelled as a natural leader and completed a National Diploma in Personnel Management (Vaal Triangle). Furthering his career, he completed a Diploma in Labour Law (GIMT) followed by a Certificate Programme in Industrial Relations (Wits) and a Management Advancement Programme (Wits).

Dan is a CCMA accredited commissioner and he served on the governing board of the chemical industry’s Sectoral Education and Training Authority for two years.

Dan's ability to identify and develop business opportunities in the FMCG marketplace has contributed steadily to position Carrus as a strong player in the fields of labour relations consulting and labour outsourcing.

Veli Lehutso

In his role as Contracts Director, Veli oversees all processes related to the management of contracts that form part of the Carrus Ukhozi solutions, with specialised focus on labour outsourcing services. He is an industrial relations and transformation management expert with more than 20 years experience in labour relations and labour-related legal matters.

Veli excels as trouble-shooter, problem solver, negotiator and peacemaker. He understands people from different backgrounds and communicates constructively in challenging circumstances.

In 2003 Veli was hand-picked to join Carrus as a Relationship Manager. At this stage of his career he was the national organiser for a large trade union, operating in the transport, mining and steel industry. In this role he had gained solid experience with wage negotiation, dispute resolution and labour litigation.

As Relationship Manager Veli focused on handling the challenging relationships between all parties involved in our driver empowerment initiatives, which are currently provided by Carrus Logistics. He gained hands-on contract management experience across the fields of fleet management as well as labour outsourcing and logistics outsourcing.

Through his expert dedication to nurturing win-win relationships with all parties, Veli adds value to the positioning Carrus as an exceptional nationwide solution provider.

Nicky Barrand

Nicky Barrand serves as the Technical Director of Carrus Technical Services. His technical expertise spans 29 years and he joined the Carrus team in 2006.
Nicky manages the Carrus fleet maintenance division and his expertise is supported by various qualifications in the areas of :

  1. Maintenance management
  2. Maintenance outsourcing
  3. Risk control & auditing techniques

His vast knowledge in the technical field makes Nicky a valuable member of the Carrus team and has contributed to the success of Carrus Technical Services.