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  • Carrus awarded national Lafarge Holcim Pallet Tender

Carrus is proud to announce that its Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) subsidiary, Carrus Tshenolo, has been awarded the tender to collect, sort and deliver Lafarge’s entire pallet supply on a national basis. In line with its BPO principles, Carrus is remunerated on an outcomes basis, being in this case rand per pallet collected. George Matthee, Carrus New Business Development Director, states that Lafarge has already reaped the benefit of our customized and dedicated service offering. The BPO service offering allows Clients to turn fixed costs into variable costs and we fully expect a productivity improvement of between 20 to 30 percent. We have utilised our national footprint and fit for purpose assets to fashion a solution which meets all the conditions stipulated in the tender. We are fundamentally about adding consistent value to the client business on a sustainable basis.

  • Carrus to carry Build-it’s loads

Build-it, a proud member of the Spar Group, has appointed Carrus Logistics as transport outsource partner on its Limpopo routes. Lourens Maritz, Carrus COO, states that this appointment is very much in line with our strategy to develop transport corridors to provide our clients with competitive advantages within our network. Our dedicated fleet of 68 vehicles is supplemented by our network of reputable third-party transporters which we manage through world class fleet management technology.

  • Revlon appoints Carrus as exclusive Workforce Management Service Provider

Reg Marais, Carrus Group CEO, smiles happily as he makes the announcement that Carrus has been awarded the tender to manage the global brand’s flexible workforce in South Africa. “This is a massive feather in our cap and it humbles Carrus to be aligned with such an iconic brand. Our workforce management solution enables Carrus to deploy resources to our clients on a just-in-time basis. Why should you pay a resource for 5 days if you only need him or her for three days. We have the necessary information technology, communication and skills infrastructure to deploy a resource over multiple clients and sites. We aim to fill the full hour complement of our resources.” Carrus will manage the workforce in Revlon manufacturing and warehousing facility. Marais continues by stating that” a key differentiator is Carrus’ track record in the field on outcomes-based Business Process Outsourcing solutions. We have been paid on an outcomes basis in the logistics industry for almost two decades and we are very comfortable assuming the risk associated with the processes that we manage.”

  • The Constitutional Court Judgement relating to TES employees not what it’s cut out to be

Speculation has been rife that the Constitutional Court Judgement in the Assign Services v Numsa matter would necessitate the permanent employment of the entire TES workforce deployed in a Client’s operation and that it would result in the destruction of the Temporary Employment Services (TES) industry in South Africa. After having the studied the judgement, we are very confident that the reputable and compliant side of the TES industry will be around for a long time and that the sole employment finding actually recognises the workforce management function of TES. With respect, it is very clear that sole employment finding does not make the Client the sole employer and that TES and the Client are both recognised as such. In brief, the Judgement has crystallised the following principles:

  • The sole employment relationship which arises between the TES employee and the Client after a continuous deployment period at the Client of more than 3 months does not include the right to permanent employment. It establishes a new class of employee in South African Labour Law being the so-called “Statutory Employees”. Sole employment does not preclude the TES from continuing the capacity as employer for all pieces of legislation including the Labour Relations Act (LRA).
  • According to the Constitutional Court, there will be what is referred to as a triangular relationship. There is no “transfer to a new employment relationship but rather a change in the statutory attribution of responsibility as employer within the same triangular employment relationship. The triangular relationship then continues for as long as the commercial contract between the TES and the client remains in force and requires the TES to remunerate the workers.”
  • Of course, the nub of the green still lies in the “equal treatment” provisions which the Constitutional Court has clearly supported, but these provisions have been applicable since April 2015. It is nothing new and many of our client has put appropriate measures in place. The secret to managing the risk of a substantial on-cost of the equal treatment provision may well be found in the definition of the benefits applicable to the new category of “statutory employees”. It is not a “fait accompli” that they are necessarily entitled to the exact benefits applicable to your permanent employees.
  • Carrus has the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to assist existing Clients of the TES industry and businesses who require flexible workforce management solutions to implement pragmatic solutions to the challenges posed by the Constitutional Court judgement. If you have any queries about the Constitutional Court judgement and how it might affect you, please contact us on or on 0861 999955.

Carrus Group

  • Business process outsourcing an alternative to permanent employment

Carrus will be taking its business process outsourcing (BPO) service offering to the “airways” when we launch our ad campaign on 23 March 2015, during the John Robbie and Xolani Gwala shows on Radio 702.

We are very confident that the Carrus BPO service offering provides our clients with the ideal alternative to the traditional labour broking solution, whilst retaining the flexibility and cost effectiveness of the aforementioned model.

The traditional temporary employment service will remain intact for employment shorter than 3 months and for fixed term contract requirements.

BPO, also known as Functional Outsourcing, is an outsource process (logistics, picking and packing, sales, cleaning, etc.) to a third party which allows the outsource partner to assume the entire labour law risk. This model establishes an “Arm’s Length” relationship between Carrus and the Client, as Carrus assumes de facto control over the outsourced process and provides the Client with labour flexibility within the confines of a service level agreement.

You can basically outsource any process of your choice, i.e. your core business is what you choose it to be.

The Carrus BPO solution establishes an independent contractor relationship between Carrus and the Client and is underpinned by the following elements:

  • Service level agreements with specific outcomes;
  • Outcomes based remuneration (paid per unit);
  • Physical process rests with Carrus;
  • Planning and quality is managed jointly, controlled by Client.

We have had the Carrus BPO concept tested by some of the leading labour lawyers in the country and have received the thumbs up.

Should you wish to engage with us with regard to your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting.

Carrus Group

  • Carrus signs UTi Pharma & Mounties

Joining the ranks of Reckitt Benckiser, Foodcorp and other blue chip companies, UTi has signed a commercial agreement with Carrus Labour Outsourcing that has seen Carrus managing their national outsourced warehouse and distribution staffing requirements for the megacorporation’s pharmaceutical arm on a national scale since April of this year, as well as inland staff for their Mounties division.

This means that all aspects from recruitment to efficient staff management in terms of time & attendance, payroll and disciplinary matters are handled by Carrus for UTi. As a result, IR and HR related risks associated with managing their own staff are minimised because all staff are effectively employed by Carrus and are not employees of the client itself.

The client is also relieved of complications like overstaffing because employees can easily be transferred and utilised by Carrus at another client site should the need arise. This arrangement is just as beneficial to the employee as it is to the client - many of our staff members are multi-skilled as a result of re-assignment, and employment through Carrus is more likely to result in further employment for the staff member once a contract is fulfilled or a project completed.

“I would rather spend money putting a highly skilled and superior Manager on a client site than creating an expensive office space”, say Carrus CEO, Reg Marais.

Carrus is proud to be associated with this reputable pharmaceutical distributer and is looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the award-winning UTi brand and the other responsible brands that will follow its lead.

Carrus Group

  • Carrus steps it up with MS 365

“The Carrus strategy has always been to empower our staff with the best possible business tools”, says Carrus CEO, Reg Marais. “Our goal is to integrate into the client business and create efficiencies through the usage of fit-for-purpose technology”.

Hence the decision to invest in Microsoft Office 365, as Cloud computing is the latest technology taking the business world by storm. With features such as hosted calendar and e-mail sharing and delegation, document storage within the cloud and web-based document editing on offer, this new technology means that you have access to your documents and e-mails anywhere and at any time.

In this cloud-based version of Office, all e-mails are available online and documents can be easily synchronised to Microsoft’s cloud service, Skydrive, where they are conveniently accessible from any device that is a part of the cloud. This eliminates the problems associated with computer crashes and outdated backups.

The integrated Sharepoint and Exchange server functionality also provides more combination features that would not be available when using the servers separately, like posting to Sharepoint directly from Outlook and accessing both documents and e-mails through the same client interface instead of having to bounce between browser windows.

The system is easy to use and it integrates all the office tools into a single platform for fuss-free management which means less downtime and more time to focus on what’s really important to Carrus : OUR CLIENTS.

Carrus Group


VIP People, the latest generation product offering from Sage VIP Payroll & HR, is set to go live at Carrus this month. The system is replacing the separate Payroll and stand-alone HR systems that the company has been using up until now and boasts a fully integrated payroll, HR and Employee Self Service (ESS) solution, running on a single SQL Server database.

“The system is boundless”, says Carrus Financial Director, Felicia Venter. It allows for the incorporation of unlimited companies, hierarchical levels, employees, pay period configurations and pay runs. It also makes provisions for unlimited earning, deduction, company contribution, fringe benefit and provision definitions and the system will ensure that Carrus maintains full legal compliance too by providing the latest statutory updates at regular intervals.

In English? It’s an all-in-one solution to all of Carrus’ Payroll and HR needs that will assist with ever more complex compliance requirements, while minimising duplication of information and efforts. Felicia predicts that it will make Carrus even more efficient in dealing with the continuous increase in staff members and that it will improve our ability to grow and develop our human capital.

She goes on to say “I believe VIP People will transform Carrus’ HR and payroll functions. The system is able to deal with all the complexities and challenges of an outsource organisation. VIP People is one of the pillars on which Carrus’ future business growth will be built.”

In short, it’s just another way that Carrus is making the right decisions and taking the right steps to ensure that we provide the best service humanly possible.

Carrus Fleet Management

  • Carrus proudly associated with World Vision

Carrus is proud to be associated with esteemed humanitarian organisation, World Vision, whose roots date back as far as 1947.

Today World Vision, together with microfinance subsidiary, VisionFund International, is one of the world’s leading humanitarian organisations. Over 40,000 staff members (including part time and temporary staff and employees of microfinance institutions) implement programmes of community development, emergency relief and promotion of justice in nearly 100 countries.

Their Vision & Values are as follows :

Our vision for every child, life in all its fullness. Our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so.
We are Christian
We are committed to the poor
We are responsive
We value all people
We work as partners
We are good stewards

Carrus Fleet Management provide vehicle tracking systems for the World Vision vehicles in Lesotho, thereby enabling them to continue with their great work, whilst Carrus take care of their vehicles.

Carrus Group

  • Carrus achieves level 1 B-BBEE rating for specialised labour supply company, Carrus Tshenolo

Carrus Tshenolo, a member of the Carrus group of companies, was recently awarded a level 1 B-BBEE status. In addition, Carrus Tshenolo is a value adding supplier.

This effectively means that all clients of Carrus Tshenolo can claim 168.75% towards their B-BBEE scorecard, under the Preferential Procurement section.
For the discerning company or business owner, doing business with Carrus Tshenolo therefore makes great business sense.

As a specialised labour supply company, Carrus Tshenolo assume responsibility for the operation and staffing of specialised processes and risks, to allow clients to focus on their core business.

Our labour outsource product specifically provides clients with the following services:

  • Provision of a suitably skilled resource;
  • Comprehensive commercial and employment contracts;
  • Labour relations management incorporating discipline, strike contingency and performance management;
  • Insurance cover against labour law risks;
  • Strategic business partnership between Carrus and the client;
  • Human resource administration function;
  • Operational management by the client;
  • On-site management (optional).

Carrus Group

  • STATUS QUO on Labour Brokers

The “Labour Broker” issue has been in the news lately and we thought it appropriate to provide an update on the present debate. Our view on the debate can be summarised as follows:

  • The banning of Temporary Employment Services (TES) would not be feasible under the Constitution in its present format as it infringes upon the right to economic freedom;
  • The focus would be on the regulation of the positions between the employees of the TES and those of the client with specific attention being paid to equal pay/benefits for equal work;
  • Prof Benjamin, a leading light within South African Labour Law, has recently been quoted as saying that the new amendments proposes to provide greater protection for employees of TES and for employees on fixed term contracts as the so-called “a-typical” employees had the right to be treated “on the whole not less favourably” than “standard employees” after 6 months. It does not take away from the fact that the TES remains the employer and that the Client does not magically become the employer.
  • Cosatu’s communication that TES employees would have the right to permanent employment after 6 months on a fixed term contract is therefore wholly inaccurate and downright misleading. The only real consequence to customers of labour outsource companies is that they would be jointly and severally liable under the Labour Relations Act for any infractions perpetrated against these employees. Business partners have long been jointly liable under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act anyway.

Despite the recent uproar about the potential banning of TES, we can report that it seems to have been much ado about nothing as this issue was not even raised in the parliamentary debate. The common view is that any such attempt was merely “electioneering” and would be interdicted which would delay the legislation by a further two years.

There seems to be an attempt to reduce the time period referred to above from 6 months to 3 months. This issue was not voted during the recent parliamentary session as the proponents of the amendment did not have sufficient support for it to pass muster. This means that the LRA Bill will not go through to the National Council of Provinces and will be delayed. The National Assembly will be on winter recess and will only reconvene on 22 July 2013. Only time will tell when the LRA will be back on the National Assembly programme for a second attempt at voting it through.

Carrus has always provided its employees deployed to client sites with the benefit of permanent employment contracts to remove them from the arena of temporary labour law. In addition, we provide our clients with a contractual indemnity against all labour law infractions to ensure that they have peace of mind in respect of the aforementioned legal obligations. We believe that the new changes to the labour law will provide Carrus with a fantastic opportunity to expand its ever growing client base, as non-compliant labour brokers are driven out of business.

The general view is further that the cost of using employees provided by labour outsource companies may increase as a result of the enhanced regulations, but we are of the view that this might not have to be the case and we shall be engaging with our clients in the short term to explore some creative alternatives.

Should you require more information to determine how these changes will impact on your business, please contact Carrus on 0861 9999 55 and we will gladly assist.

Carrus Group

  • Carrus raises R60,000 for Andrew Mlangeni Foundation

The newly founded June & Andrew Mlangeni Foundation received a boost from Carrus when R60,000 was raised in donations and pledges during the Carrus Executive Golf Day & Wine Tasting event.

This exclusive event was held at the prestigious Serengeti Golf Estate and attended by top executives in industry as well as numerous members of parliament, ambassadors and Generals.

Andrew Mlangeni
Left to right : Prof. Itumeleng Mosala, Jackinah Balle, Mutle Mogase, Alet Swanepoel, Reg Marais, Popo Molefe

Carrus was honoured to host Ntate Andrew Mlangeni at this function. Ntate Andrew presented Carrus CEO, Reg Marais, with a gift in the form of a book entitled “The Little Green Book”, a publication of the Department of Sports and Recreation, which honours our sporting icons. Reg was deeply moved by the personal message included by Ntate Andrew in the gift.

The money raised for Ntate Andrew’s Foundation will be used to develop young sports men and women in South Africa.

Andrew Mlangeni
Left to right : Reg Marais, Ntate Andrew Mlangeni

The wine tasting was presented by winemaster and connoisseur Beyers Truter, of Beyerskloof. Beyers finished the wine tasting by auctioning off various bottles of wine from his private collection. The auction wines included Beyerskloof Kadette 2001, Kanonkop Paul Sauer 1991 & Beyerskloof Diesel Pinotage 2010.

To add the cherry on top, the Beyerskloof team created a collectors wine box for Carrus, which included a bottle of the sublime Beyerskloof Pinotage Reserve 2006. Each guest was presented with this exclusive wine box.

Andrew MlangeniAndrew Mlangeni
Left to right : Prof. Rok Ajulu, Richard Machaba

All proceeds from the auction of the Beyerskloof wines will go to the FAITH Fund in aid of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. An amount of R47,100 was raised for this Fund. Beyers and his team travel the country to create awareness of this syndrome.

Andrew Mlangeni
Beyers Truter

  • Climbing Kilimanjaro to make Africa a better place for kids

Carrus proudly donated an amount of R5,000 to Francesco Fattori and his team mates from Reckitt Benckiser who braved Kilimanjaro to raise funds, in order to make Africa a better, happier and healthier place to live for kids. They raised an amount of 50,000 GBP for “Save the Children”.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

In the words of Francesco :
“On Oct 24th at 7.08am I have reached the peak of Kilimanjaro, at 5895m above sea level !!!
This has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life, made even more amazing because all this effort (and sweat…) was for Save The Children.
It has been hard to make this challenge happen, from the very 1st day we committed to it till the Kilimanjaro summit, but only thanks to the incredibly generous help of all of you I have been able to reach and exceed the aggressive target I set for myself.
The effort of the whole Kili-team has brought around 50,000 GBP to Save The Children Africa (and we are still collecting…) This money will go to important STC projects across Africa, which will hopefully make this great land a better and happier place to live for healthier kids. We all should be very proud of this !!!”

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Carrus Ukhozi


“Temporary employees have no right to permanent employment after 6 months”

This was the very clear message delivered by John Botha during the first Carrus Executive Breakfast held at the prestigious Fairlawns Boutique Hotel in Bryanston recently. Botha, one of South Africa’s leading labour law and employee relations specialists, represented employers at the recent Nedlac negotiations pertaining to the proposed changes to the Labour legislation. During a lively breakfast session, he briefed the Carrus guests on the impact of the proposed changes to the legislation.

He was adamant that the message conveyed by the media and COSATU that temporary employees would have the right to permanent employment after 6 months on a fixed term contract was wholly inaccurate and downright misleading. The only real consequence to customers of labour outsource companies is that they would be jointly and severally liable under the Labour Relations Act for any infractions perpetrated against these employees.

Business partners have long been jointly liable under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act anyway. It follows that you have nothing to fear provided you deal with reputable and compliant service providers.

Carrus has always provided its employees deployed to client sites with the benefit of permanent employment contracts to remove them from the arena of temporary labour law. In addition, we provide our clients with a contractual indemnity against all labour law infractions to ensure that they have peace of mind in respect of the aforementioned legal obligations. We believe that the new changes to the labour law will provide Carrus with a fantastic opportunity to expand its ever growing client base, as non-compliant labour brokers are driven out of business.


Carrus Ukhozi is extremely proud to have been chosen as a preferred supplier of CAPITEC, the fastest growing bank in the South African market.

“CAPITEC’s growth has exploded over the last few years and today its transaction income is at R836 million,” says Jean-Francois Couve, Carrus Ukhozi General Manager. “Carrus is involved in the recruitment and placement of all levels of staff within CAPITEC’s operation and we have successfully placed key personnel with specialist skills based on its business model which has assisted in establishing it as a leader within the financial services sector.”

Couve says that Carrus was chosen as a preferred supplier based on its understanding and expertise within the recruitment environment. “The process of being chosen as a preferred supplier was stringent and had to take into considering the performance and goals CAPITEC has for its growth. Based on the synergy between our two organisations, Carrus was appointed to recruit specialist talent for its operations,” he adds.

Over the years, Carrus has designed a world-class service that caters to individual clients needs including one-man businesses and large multi-nationals. Couve says it is its state-of-the-art recruitment process that has assisted in establishing its impressive track record.

“Our employees who manage the recruitment desks, both permanent and temporary, are highly skilled, professional and motivated individuals who understand that it’s not as simple as placing a person in a seat,” comments Couve. “Rather it’s about advising or guiding the candidate with regards to their career path, keeping in mind the perfect fit for each organisation. We ensure that each employee that we place is a square peg in a square hole as opposed to a round peg in a square hole.

As a Level 4 BEE contributor Carrus Ukhozi provides recruitment services to a multitude of other local leading blue chip companies. It has achieved preferred supplier status to companies within the FMCG Manufacturing, Health Care, Engineering Works, Supply Chain Logistics, Fleet Management, Bread and Milling, and Gas industries. It also provides highly-skilled artisans including Fitters & Turners, Mill Wrights, Electricians, Coded Welders and all levels of factory and office support staff in both permanent and contract positions.

“Our track record and footprint within the industry has earned us the reputation of being a world-class Recruitment & Human Capital organisation that meets and surpasses Client expectations, whether their need is for Permanent or Temporary Recruitment Services,” concludes Couve.

Carrus Fleet Management


Another happy customer sang Carrus’ praises after a stolen vehicle was tracked down and recovered a mere 30 minutes after it had been stolen on 11 April at around 8:00.

The vehicle belonging to Carrus client McCains was taken in the Limpopo area when the driver stopped to stay over for the night. On discovering the vehicle was missing Eduard Grobler at McCains contacted Carrus and spoke to Risk Control Room Manager, Niveshree Schocke.

Carrus staff sprang into action and 30 minutes later, after keeping in constant contact with the client, the vehicle was found outside a house in Mamphokgo. A number of other stolen items that had been reported to local police were also found in the house.

“The assistance we received from Carrus was outstanding. Not only was the system highly effective in tracking down the vehicle quickly and efficiently but the constant communication and feedback we received from the Carrus Control Room kept us on top of the situation every step of the way,” says Grobler.

Carrus Group


Congratulations go to Carrus-sponsored Senior Protea gymnast, Ashleigh Heldsinger who has qualified to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

“This is a remarkable achievement and we would like to acknowledge Ashleigh and her training team for all of the hard work and dedication that has gone into making this dream a reality,” says Felicia Venter, Director, Carrus.

17 year old Ashleigh will be competing in the Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Vault & Floor Exercise events and will spend the next couple of months working hard honing her skills and perfecting her routines.


The annual Carrus Executive Golf Day took place on 8 December 2011 at the exclusive Serengeti Golf Course, winner of the “Best New Golf Course for 2010” Award and host to the 2011 SA Open.

The field included amongst others valued clients as well as local Ambassadors, Director Generals and Generals

golf day success

Congratulations to the Carrus Capacity Building team who achieved SETA accreditation as a training provider, in November 2011.

“We are delighted with this achievement as we strongly believe in taking skills development to market. We are now able to not only uplift and develop the skills of our own staff but those of the general population of users as well,” says Carin Surman, Carrus Capacity Building Manager.

Carrus Capacity Building will now be able to offer accredited training courses in Customer Care, Professional Driving, HIV / AIDS, as well as Train the Trainer.

“We will be focussing on providing accredited training in areas where there is the greatest need for skills development. For instance, the professional driver qualification is a necessary and vital skill but very few drivers have been given the opportunity to develop this skill set,” comments Surman.

As part of their skills development initiatives, Carrus will also be running ten Learnerships in Professional Driving in 2012.


A joint fundraising initiative between Carrus and Beyerskloof has raised an impressive R50 000 in aid of The Beyers Truter Foetal Alcohol-Syndrome and Interrelated Treatment Help Fund (FAITH). The charity wine tasting and auction took place at the scenic Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate on the 8 December 2011. The event was attended by 120 guests who were treated to some of the best wine in winemaker Truter’s stable, in the well-known and much-celebrated Beyerskloof range.

This stellar wine tasting event and wine auction was well supported by various local dignitaries, including an ambassador, various Director Generals and members of the SAPS leadership team.

“It is very gratifying to be involved in supporting such a worthy charity that assists many families and communities,” says Reg Marais, CEO, Carrus. “I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone that attended and so generously opened up their hearts and wallets to support this often overlooked cause. We hope you will join us again in the future as we continue our efforts to support the FAITH Charity Fund.”

FAITH is a Section 21 company and operates as a non-profit organisation raising funds through various activities, distributing donations for specific projects, charities and other organisations working with children, families and communities affected by alcohol abuse. It focuses primarily on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome which is known to be the foremost preventable reason for mental retardation and birth defects in the winelands area. FAITH strives to implement innovative ideas in advocacy, prevention, education and intervention.

Due to the resounding success of this fundraising event, Carrus and Beyerskloof will certainly be looking at joint fundraising initiatives in 2012.

(For additional photos on this event, please visit our Galleries).

Carrus Fleet Management

  • Carrus scoops international Mix Telematics success story award

Congratulations to the Carrus Fleet Management team for their winning submission in the MiX Telematics international spot-prize competition. The success story competition forms part of MiX Telematics’ main sales performance competition and MiX Telematics’ partners were encouraged to send in success stories to qualify to win a spot prize consisting of a F1 gift pack. Success stories had to include facts and figures relating to savings made to different sized fleets by using MiX Telematics fleet management solutions.

“We are thrilled with our win especially considering we were competing internationally”, says Sanrie Steenkamp from Carrus. “It is a result of a team effort and congratulations go to all involved.”

The main competition is based on overall sales performance and MiX Telematics’ partners worldwide have been allocated into different categories based on size. The main prizes will be awarded at the end of March 2012, their financial year-end.

Carrus Fleet Management offers custom-made solutions to reduce cost, limit risk and improve service flexibility. It has the expertise, the integrity and the track record to be your peace-of-mind partner of choice. In line with this they have taken the decision to associate with ‘best of breed’ and align with market-leading technologies, such as MiX Telematics, Matrix, VDO and SAP.

Carrus Fleet Management

  • Carrus assists McCain's to monitor its harvesters

For McCain, South Africa’s leading supplier of frozen chips, vegetables, and meals both to the retail and to the rapidly expanding food services industry, innovation is the key to great products, market success and customer satisfaction.

The company has built its success by not only utilising cutting-edge agronomy and superior technology, but also by sharing its expertise in sustainable agricultural practices with its growers and by supporting programs and practices that reduce its environmental footprint.

In fact, it was this focus that first brought McCain in contact with Carrus in 2009 to assist with the monitoring of its pea, bean and sweet corn harvesters. McCain needed to monitor the operation of each machine, including the total harvest hours as well as the hectares harvested per machine on an electronic basis.

Sanrie Steenkamp, Carrus Information Technology: New Business and Development, says, “Carrus assisted with sourcing tracking units that could be installed in the harvesters and then assisted with monitoring the data provided by the units. We installed FM3316 units in each harvester, with various pickups (hopper, harvesting table etc.). We then carried out the configuration on the unit itself and, by utilizing best of breed technology, managed to automate all of the reporting.”

“One of the biggest challenges we initially faced was to get the formulas correct to report the hectares per machine. Once this was completed, we spent time training McCain staff to equip them with the necessary skills to operate the system in the vehicles as well as in the office on the reporting side.”

McCain now receives reports on a daily basis advising them of the operating hours of each machine and the hectares harvested. “The data has assisted us greatly in improving efficiencies. It has also assisted with our business decisions as management now receives actual figures from the vehicles and forecasting has become just that much more accurate,” says Japie Engelbrecht, Vegetable Supply Manager at McCain.

In order to monitor the operations on an ongoing basis a Control Centre was also set up to monitor performance. Here again, McCain staff were trained to run the fleet management side of the business. Steenkamp commented that whereas MCCain has decided to establish its own Control Centre, Carrus provides clients with the ability to monitor its operations through implementation of the Carrus Fleet Risk Operations Command Centre or FROCC as we like to call it. FROCC provides you with the ability to monitor your operational efficiency on a real time basis.

Commenting on the success of the venture, Steenkamp says a major contributing factor has been the partnership approach adopted by Carrus and McCain. “McCain assisted us from day one and throughout the process we have worked hand-in-hand to develop the bond through various team building activities.”

The approach has certainly borne dividends with McCain managing to achieve real, on-time hectares reporting with visibility of all sites and operations. “We can now clearly calculate time spent on each site to complete projects. The fleet management component of the system is also live now and this provides us with details pertaining to vehicle licensing, services and accident analysis. The advantage is that each division can now take full responsibility for their vehicles and operations,” says Engelbrecht.

Moving forward, Carrus will continue to support McCain, in time improving their fuel management through the installation of the Carrus Fuel Solution system.

Carrus Tshenolo

  • Carrus Tshenolo revamps fleet operations of leading Waste Management company

It’s been two years of a solid and successful relationship between Carrus, specialists in business process solutions across the fields of logistics, human capital, fleet management, fleet maintenance and service delivery optimisation, and a leading South African Waste Management company.

Since the relationship was established in July 2008, Carrus has assisted with a total revamp of the company’s fleet operations and in the process has brought about excellent cost savings. Boitumelo Mabusela CA (SA), Managing Director Carrus Tshenolo, says the project has been a success story for Carrus, with statistics and monetary figures that prove it. “We won the contract through a fleet evaluation project conducted by 3P Consulting. Needs were clearly defined. The client needed operational efficiency, contract management and to implement a cost saving mechanism. We were eager to begin implementing change,” she says.

As with all new relationships there were challenges that needed to be addressed and solutions found. Mabusela says that one of the greatest challenges was getting buy-in from all stakeholders from a change management perspective. “This is a common challenge when operational changes need to be made, especially in well-established businesses,” she adds. Dealing with existing service providers involved in the fleet structures was also a challenge since they saw Carrus as a threat. “We immediately tried to discard the pre-conceived ideas that we might be a direct competitor and clarified what our role and mandate would be,” she says. In time, the client began to realise the value of the relationship, and many of the challenges were overcome.

arrus kicked off the change process by establishing project governance and operational structures made up of representatives both from the client and Carrus team members. The team began to work as a unit to reduce the fleet size, improve availability of the fleet by monitoring its maintenance, increase available operating hours for service delivery and reduce kilometres travelled by the fleet. “By just reducing the amount of kilometres travelled we reduced the fuel bill substantially,” comments Mabusela. Carrus also introduced the technology needed to monitor operations and produce real time information that was essential for sound decision making.

As the months rolled on, our client started to see results and successes of the project. The team had managed to improve availability of the core fleet by 27% (from 78% to 105%) in the past 12 months. “This success was achieved through improved maintenance turnaround time and quality inspections as well as a significantly reduced fleet size. We removed 100 vehicles from the fleet,” says Mabusela. A Fleet Risk Operations Control Centre was established which monitors in real time all the activities of the fleet. A further success was reducing the kilometres travelled by 1.6 million kilometres through daily fleet requirement planning and kilometre management initiatives. Other successes that are harder to quantify included the implementation of contract management, driver interventions and the transfer of skills to the client’s staff.

“Working in partnership has been the key to the success of this project,” says Mabusela. “It has been and continues to be highly important that our client supports Carrus, given the fact that the operational responsibility lies internally. Our experience has shown that we can only bring efficiencies within the clients’ environment, when the client paves the way for change. We have seen that it is not possible to attain operational efficiencies without constant support from a client as they make the operational decisions. Carrus evaluates, identifies weaknesses and makes recommendations, and then assists in the implementation only once the client’s steering committee and the Exco has authorised such.

For Carrus, this project has given us the ideal platform to showcase our abilities within the waste environment, especially around the fleet management consulting arena.

Carrus Ukhozi

  • Placing skilled artisans is a key objective

In 2003, the National Advisory Council for Innovation conducted a study that revealed a shortage of about 6 000 artisans in South Africa. The study also revealed the alarming statistic that, based on the R400 billion estimated infrastructure development projects earmarked by the South African private and public sectors, the figure was projected to increase to as much as 15 000 in the longer term. The average current age of an artisan has increased to 55 years and the Minister of Higher Education has indicated that 70,000 artisans have to be trained within the next five years.

“There has been a dramatic decrease in artisan apprentices between 1975 and 2005 and to address this, Carrus has made the sourcing and placement of skilled artisans a key strategic focus of its recruitment division,” says Jean-Francois Couve, Carrus’ General Manager in charge of Human Capital Solutions. To support this strategic focus, Carrus has procured the services of highly-skilled and motivated artisans for deployment at prospective clients.

“We align ourselves with ‘best of breed’, i.e. the best skill that is available. We have the ability to find that skill through a comprehensive recruitment process. We are able to accommodate a specific need for our client which usually includes a combination of experience, skill, capacity and ability,” says Couve.

Carrus uses a hands-on approach during the recruitment process to find the right skill for the right job and is actively involved in the artisan environment. It plans to align with various training centres in order to contribute positively towards solving the problem of the scarcity of artisans in South Africa. When asked about the current barriers and obstacles within this industry, Couve focused on the shortage and availability of skill adding that Carrus Ukhozi, as a private lead employer, has the ability to assist both candidate and client with learnership programs.

“We continually ensure best-of-breed skill is maintained. Carrus Ukhozi is a business partner that sources best-of-breed artisans and manages time, experience, skill, and capacity. We are proud to be one of the leaders in recruitment and the placement of human capital resources in multinational corporations and organisations,” Couve concludes. “We clarify the need and then we satisfy the need.”

Carrus Group

  • Hello Cuba!

In March, Reg Marais, CEO of Carrus Group, Riaan Venter, Carrus Group Director of New Business and Richard Machaba, Chairperson of Carrus Tshenolo, embarked on a trip to Cuba in an effort to investigate new business opportunities.

Marais says the trip was highly beneficial and offered a great opportunity to take the Carrus brand to Cuba. “We were fortunate enough to meet with several authorities including the South Africa Ambassador to Cuba, representatives from various Caribbean states and ambassadors from several African countries. Through these meetings we got a very clear insight into the issues facing Cuba and the differences and similarities between South Africa and Cuba,” he says.

Interestingly, while South Africa has a skills shortage but the capital to sustain enterprises, Cuba on the other hand has an amazing excess of skill but doesn’t have the capital needed to drive enterprise. “We identified a definite business opportunity involving skills transfer in exchange for the technology and methodology that South Africa can offer Cuba. As we are well aware South

Africa’s skill shortage crises cannot be solved overnight but Cuba may offer solutions especially in terms of the healthcare and medical sector. Cuba’s education system is producing highly-skilled medical practitioners that may very well be interested in bringing their skills to South African soil,” says Marais

Service delivery optimisation was also a discussion topic since Carrus Tshenolo works within the area of service delivery optimisation within the public sector. Marais says it was interesting to see the service delivery issues that Cuba faces and believes Carrus Tshenolo could be instrumental in partnering with Cuba to achieve service delivery optimisation in its public sector.

“This trip offered great opportunities to network and establish relationships with the decision-makers in Cuba. We hope to further the engagement and continue investigating business opportunities that will benefit both countries,” concludes Marais.

Carrus Fleet Management

  • Carrus and McCain employees test out their driving skills

It was a great day at the Kyalami Race track when Carrus and McCain employees took to the tarmac to improve their driving skills.

The team of nine arrived at the track bright and early and launched into their training with a presentation on driver safety. The instructors pointed out things on the road that drivers should be aware of and how accidents are caused.

After the presentation, the group was taken onto the track, divided into smaller groups and assigned to cars. Three trainees and one instructor were allocated to each BMW. Cones were placed on the track and the instructors demonstrated to the group just how things should be done. Then it was time for the trainees to get behind the wheel.

“With each lap we became more and more confident. We were encouraged to increase our speed and to test our reaction times as the speed increased,” said Christo Du Plessis from Carrus Fleet Management, who attended the training.

The instructors then demonstrated how far it takes vehicles to stop when travelling at various speeds as well as the difference technology such as ESP and ABS can make in a vehicle.

“After lunch we headed to the skid pan where we were shown correct ways of braking on wet surfaces and got to test these out ourselves,” adds Du Plessis.

“At the end of the day each trainee received a certificate and photos of the driving experience. We had a great time and it was a good bonding experience for all who took part. There’s nothing like the sheer terror of racing around a track to really bring a group together,” he says with a smile.


Carrus Group

  • Golf, wine and all things fine!

It promised to be a day of great golf, great company and great wine as ten 4-balls took to the course for the Carrus Executive Golf Day held on 26 November at Serengeti Golf Course. The Golf Day offered a great opportunity to showcase Carrus to new and potential clients and to thank existing clients for their loyalty throughout the year.

The teams made up of chairmen, CEOs, Carrus clients, potential clients and even an ambassador battled it out on the course before being invited indoors for a dinner hosted by Carrus’ CEO, Reg Marais.

A highlight of the evening was the wine tasting event lead by Beyers Truter, renowned wine maker for Kanonkop and Beyerskloof wines and owner of the Beyerskloof wine estate. Truter placed special emphasis on his Faith wine of which the last three bottles in South Africa were being raffled on the evening. He pointed out that the word ‘Faith’ on the bottle’s label was created using the very soil from which the grapevine that was used to make the wine, had sprung.

Carin Surman, Carrus Group Marketing Manager, says the event was linked to Carrus’ Corporate Social Investment initiatives. “Carrus donated R5 000 from the event to the South African Junior Golf Foundation. Through the raffle of the three Faith bottles of wine we raised R6 000. Carrus then doubled this amount and we donated R12 000 to Vision for Africa, an organisation supporting Aids orphans in Alexandra township,” she says.

The event was a resounding success with many golfers commenting on what a great time they’d had. “It was a very special event that gave us the opportunity to network and celebrate with colleagues and clients in a casual and beautiful setting. We are definitely looking forward to the 2011 event, which will be bigger and better,” concludes Surman.

Carrus Human Capital

  • Ruto Mills drivers learn the ropes at Carrus’ driver training

The Carrus Driver Assessment and Training team recently headed to Ruto Mills, the largest milling company in South Africa, to assist its drivers with improving their driving skills.

Forty-eight drivers were assessed on-site and over four weeks, driver training was held at Ruto Mills. Each driver did five days of in-classroom training followed by two days of practical on-route training.

The course included topics such as eliminating areas of red-band driving including harsh braking, excessive idling and speeding. It also taught drivers how to prepare a vehicle for a trip, defensive driving principles and how to handle emergencies such as accidents, break-downs, hijackings and so on.

A focus of the training was also to prepare drivers for different weather conditions and the hazards that these conditions present when driving. The new Aarto system was also explained as well as what is expected of drivers in terms of having a professional drivers’ attitude when dealing with customers.

“This training is always beneficial and we have already seen an improvement in driver behaviour. An exciting development for Carrus is the launch of the Carrus Driver Training Academy scheduled for the new year. Using our knowledge and expertise we hope to provide customers with a driver training course that will improve their fleet efficiency and reduce costs by improving driver behaviour,” says Carin Surman, Carrus Group Marketing Manager.

Carrus Ukhozi

  • Carrus Ukhozi signs up Capitec

Carrus Ukhozi recently signed up Capitec and will be managing the recruitment and executive search aspects of the business as of January 2011.

Jean-Francois Couve, General Manager Carrus Ukhozi, says Carrus is excited about taking on Capitec as a new client. “Capitec is a new company that is rocking the banking world. It is a best of breed company that is unconventional with a very different marketing strategy. At Carrus, we like to align ourselves with companies of this caliber and enjoy the quick-paced environment that Capitec offers,” he says.

Capitec is one of the fastest growing organisations in South Africa, recruiting hundreds of new employees each month and signing up thousands of new accounts each month too. “Over the last four or so years, Capitec’s shares have sky-rocketed. They are definitely the new hotshots in town and we are enthusiastic about looking for the right staff to complement the company’s vision and ethics,” he concludes.

Carrus Fleet Management

  • It’s harvest time! Carrus assists McCain monitor its sweet corn harvesters

Carrus has a well-established relationship with McCain and recently began assisting with the monitoring of its sweet corn harvesters.

Sanrie Steenkamp, Carrus Information Technology: New Business and Development, says sweet corn harvesters are similar to pea harvesters. “Like McCain’s pea harvesters, through technology available, we can monitor the total harvest hours as well as hectares covered per harvester,” she says.

Carrus assists with sourcing tracking units that can be installed in the harvesters and then monitors the data provided by these units. “This data has assisted greatly in improving efficiency. It has also assisted with management decisions as management now receives accurate figures from the vehicles. We will continue to work closely with McCain in this initiative and look forward to more positive results from the project,” concludes Steenkamp.


Carrus Technical Services

  • Carrus Technical Services assists Air Chefs up fleet availability

Carrus Technical has been working closely with Air Chefs for just under two years in order to maximise its fleet productivity and reduce the downtime of vehicles. Nicky Barrand, Technical Director, says Carrus Technical Services provides assistance with the maintenance of Air Chef’s vehicles. “Our mechanics are on site at the airport in Johannesburg and are responsible for ensuring Air Chef’s fleet keeps on operating.

We respond to breakdowns and if any major repairs are needed, we send the vehicles to the workshop. However, by regularly maintaining the vehicles we have reduced the need to send vehicles to the workshop significantly,” he says. Carrus has managed to improve the fleet availability from 45% to 95%. Maintenance costs have also dropped by 40%.

Air Chefs provides catering services for many major airlines in South Africa and its vehicles need to be in tip top condition considering they have to approach multibillion rand aircrafts and up- and off-load inflight meals. “Air Chefs has placed its confidence in our expertise. Air Chefs carries major risk, operating in such close proximity to aircrafts and we take our responsibility in this regards very seriously.”

“We are proud of this achievement and look forward to continuing our relationship with Air Chef’s and finding ways to further improve the fleet’s efficiency,” he concludes.

Carrus Fleet Management

  • Carrus wins Debis contract in Northern Cape

Carrus has been appointed to maintain the Debis fleet in the Northern Cape. Debis is a major supplier of vehicles with one of its major clients being Telkom. Pieter Barnard, Technical Manager at Carrus, says Carrus will be responsible for 100 Debis vehicles that are spread out across the Northern Cape. “This area is vast and very remote which presents its own set of challenges for vehicles and the maintenance thereof,” he says.

Carrus has a roll out project planned for Eskom in the new year, also in the Northern Cape Region, and is busy completing the pilot project phase with 83 vehicles installed as far as the Springbok area.

Carrus will be based at its new offices in Upington which will be fully operational by 1st February 2011.

“This is an exciting new avenue for Carrus and we look forward to seeing great results for these fleets in the new year,” concludes Barnard.

Carrus Fleet Management

  • Carrus assists WBHO with first crane experiment

In a fun and exciting project, Carrus has been working with WBHO on a new and innovative way to monitor the activities of its cranes that are rented out to subsidiaries.

Carrus installed one of its vehicle tracking units into one of WBHO’s cranes in order to monitor its activities during a normal working day. Sanrie Steenkamp, New Business & Development Executive, says Carrus had to deal with various challenges during this experiment but had some interesting results at the end. “One of the challenges we faces was that the crane operates on 320V and our unit only operates on 12-24V. Also crane obviously doesn’t move or do any trips so we had to adjust what in fact was being monitored by the unit,” she says. Carrus did however overcome these obstacles and provide WBHO with some very interesting data.

“We were able to provide WBHO with the starting and ending time of each day’s operations as well as how many times the hoist was used. With a special connection that we installed we are able to tell if the operator had overloaded the crane and report on the total hours worked (actual hour meter),” says Steenkamp.

But what was the significance of this for WBHO?  Steenkamp explains that through this data WHBO can bill its subsidiaries correctly and not base the bill on what the people on the site report. “Currently we are testing a wind speed sensor so we are able to tell the speed at the top of the crane before the operator climbs the 60 odd meters. This will assist a lot with dealing with non-operational days and health and safety regulations,” she concludes. In a fun and exciting project, Carrus has been working with WBHO on a new and innovative way to monitor the activities of its cranes that are rented out to subsidiaries. Carrus installed one of its vehicle tracking units into one of WBHO’s cranes in order to monitor its activities during a normal working day. Sanrie Steenkamp, New Business & Development Executive, says Carrus had to deal with various challenges during this experiment but had some interesting results at the end. “One of the challenges we faces was that the crane operates on 320V and our unit only operates on 12-24V. Also crane obviously doesn’t move or do any trips so we had to adjust what in fact was being monitored by the unit,” she says. Carrus did however overcome these obstacles and provide WBHO with some very interesting data. “We were able to provide WBHO with the starting and ending time of each day’s operations as well as how many times the hoist was used. With a special connection that we installed we are able to tell if the operator had overloaded the crane and report on the total hours worked (actual hour meter),” says Steenkamp. But what was the significance of this for WBHO? Steenkamp explains that through this data WHBO can bill its subsidiaries correctly and not base the bill on what the people on the site report. “Currently we are testing a wind speed sensor so we are able to tell the speed at the top of the crane before the operator climbs the 60 odd meters. This will assist a lot with dealing with non-operational days and health and safety regulations,” she concludes.

Carrus Fleet Management

  • Carrus celebrates its first Botswana mining customer

Carrus is proudly extending its footprint with its first Botswana customer, Botswana Ash. Botswana Ash is a salt mine next to the Makgadigadi pans and Carrus will be partnering with the mine to provide effective and efficient fleet management. “We are upgrading the current fleet management system at the mine to include the latest live technologies,” says Felicia Venter, Director of Carrus.

The mine is located in a very rural area and having access at all times to the GPS positioning of all vehicles within the fleet is vital. “The technology we are busy introducing will ensure that fleet managers can track their vehicles as well as monitor fuel efficiency, driver behaviour and generally increase the efficiency of the fleet,” adds Venter.

Carrus will also be assisting Botswana Ash with its day-to-day operations such as fleet maintenance, licensing and driver authorisation. “We have been working hard at expanding our operations beyond South Africa’s borders for some time now and Botswana Ash has afforded us the opportunity to make this a reality. We are looking forward to establishing a meaningful and mutually beneficial long term relationship with Botswana Ash,” concludes Venter.

Carrus Ukhozi

  • Recruitment Preferred Supplier Status

Carrus Ukhozi is delighted to announce that they recently achieved preferred supplier status for two major, international banking Groups in the area of human capital recruitment.
General Manager of Carrus Ukhozi, Jean-Francois Couve, reports that this promotes the Carrus Recruitment Division to new heights.

  • Online Recruitment Goes Live at Carrus

Our new online recruitment system allows potential candidates to enter all their details online, thereby eliminating the need for time-consuming CVs.
Clients of Carrus Ukhozi benefit by receiving CVs in their preferred format.
This online recruitment system also offers select clients the ability to access CVs directly from our system.

  • National FMCG Company Selects Carrus

Carrus Ukhozi has been selected to provide professional drivers and professional driver training to a national FMCG Company.  Just Carrus’ way of keeping industry on the move.

Carrus Fleet Management

  • New CFM branch in Bloemfontein

CFM are pleased to announce the official opening of their new branch in Bloemfontein in March 2010.  This outlet offers a diverse sales and service function in vehicle monitoring & tracking.
A full Fleet Risk Operating Control Centre (FROCC) is planned for this facility in the near future, so don’t lose track of this space.
Recently appointed Official distributor for control instruments specifically VDO tachometers.
Trained 5 people to be Mix Telematics and Matrix accredited technicians.
Signed agreement with Mix Telematics and Matrix as an approved dealer service centre.

  • Making McCains More Efficient

CFM are leading the field in modified management systems designed specifically for combined harvesters. McCain’s are reaping the benefits of our technology in this area by improved efficiency in their harvesting operations. Our management systems deliver accurate reports on hectares harvested, exact numbers of tips/empties and harvester running times.  Carrus are thinking again for McCain.