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Carrus Tshenolo

Carrus Tshenolo is black-owned consulting company providing integrated tailor made consulting solutions in these municipal services areas: Fleet Management, Water Services, Electricity Services and Waste Management Our vision and mission is to be a strategic partner of choice in revealing, unleashing and optimising the resources of our clients towards their organisational growth and development.

We specialise in revealing to our clients their economic strengths and the possibilities for optimal utilisation of their resources, assets and human capital. In collaboration with our clients we design unique service improvement strategies, based on an analysis of their current status. We can facilitate high-level strategic turnaround, while at the same time advising our clients regarding the technical details of their operations, systems and procedures. We support our clients towards successfully:

  • Reducing operational and financial risk

  • Improving service delivery internally and/or to external clients

  • Crafting and implementing strategies and policies in accordance with municipal legislation and regulations.

Carrus Tshenolo Service Delivery Areas

Fleet management and risk control
Having successfully operated logistics and transport operations for large organisations in the public sector and private sector, our team will apply a tried and tested hands-on approach to this function. We collaborate with clients towards optimising their processes and operations by designing unique fleet improvement strategies, based on an analysis of their current status.

Status quo analysis: organisational- and system review
During this phase we audit and evaluate all processes and procedures and benchmark them against industry best practices to identify gaps and potential areas of improvement. Our robust organisational and system reviews will reveal the prevalent organisational culture, values and practices. We apply a critical analysis of the current systems and methodologies which the organisation utilises to achieve its mandate. We examine workshop processes, service scheduling and procurement of parts as well as procurement systems and process. We also do a cost-benefit analysis of the human resources, to determine if the workforce is gainfully employed.

Reports: findings and options for going forward
Upon conclusion of investigations and analysis, we provide our clients with reports detailing the facts as determined and confirmed. We go further by providing our clients with a variety of models or strategies to address the identified shortfalls and implement the service improvement solutions.

Implementation of new strategies
Subsequently we collaborate with our clients in designing revised fleet management strategies. We provide practical guidance and support to our clients in implementing new strategies, processes and procedures. It is during this phase that meticulous attention is focussed on skills transfer to and capacity development of our client’s workforce.

Water, electricity and waste management services
Carrus Tshenolo takes an integrated approach in assisting our clients to develop successful services management strategies. We assist our clients with the development of well-structured and proactive services functions which are also compliant with the appropriate municipal legislation and regulations. Our premise is the client’s need to provide services which are efficient, cost-effective and responsibly sustainable. When consulting regarding a specific services function we aim to ensure that the function is well-managed and economically viable by guiding the client towards integrating this function with other organisational key functions. To facilitate capacity building our team can also provide technical support and assistance regarding the daily operational management of services functions. We provide practical guidance towards optimal implementation and running of the following operational and strategic aspects:

  • Section 77 and 78 processes as well as Bylaws

  • Organisational, systems and process reviews

  • Services design and development

  • Financial analysis and modelling

  • (Optionally) ring-fencing of services functions business units.

With our practical hands-on approach we have successfully created services models and functional structures which enable our clients to:
  • Improve the quality of their services

  • Extend the services to other areas

  • Create revenue and run the services as sustainable functions.

Company Details

Directors: R Marais, RM Machaba, JAJ Venter, BZ Mabusela

8 Cosmic Road
Linbro Business Park
Linbro Park.

P.O. Box 3502,

Phone: 0861 9999 56
Fax: 0861 9999 66