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Carrus Tshenolo

Carrus Tshenolo is a multi-disciplinary Business Process Outsourcing and Workforce Management service provider. We are a progressive Level 2 BBBEE Service provider with value-add status founded in 2001, absolutely committed to becoming an integral part of the business offering of our client companies. We go out of our way to align our business drivers with the business drivers of our Clients to ensure that we create a truly win-win business partnership. Our team has the necessary experience, skills, knowledge and expertise to attend to the requirements of a world-class warehousing and logistics operation.

Our team is further supported by world–class information technology systems to ensure not only compliance but also exceeding the expectations of our client companies. These systems allow us to customize reporting in accordance with Client requirements and for transmission of these reports electronically. Our centralized help desk located in our Fleet Risk Operations Control Centre allows our Clients to rest assured that someone is always on duty to attend to their needs.

Our ability to manage health and safety compliance is borne out by the fact that we operate within regulated environments including ISO, MCC and HACCP at client sites such as SASOL, SAPREF, AtlasCopco, etc.

The cornerstone of successful service delivery is the conclusion of a well-defined service level agreement, which clearly sets out the customer requirements in respect of service delivery. The contents of this service level agreement form the key performance indicators against which our team and our performance is measured. The expected performance is not compliance with the service level agreement, but to consistently exceed customer requirements.

Our project delivery mechanism is headed up by a director who is responsible for the account management function. It entails that you are dealing with a person who can take decisions on short notice to ensure compliance with service levels.

Carrus Tshenolo Service Delivery Areas

Business process outsourcing

Carrus is in the unique position to have more than 15 years’ experience in the implementation and management of BPO within the logistics and supply chain environments.
We are of the view that this competency differentiates us from the competition in that our clients can progress from a pure TES solution in which they bear the labour law risk to a functional outsourcing solution with no labour law risk.

BPO, also known as Functional Outsourcing, is an outsource process (logistics, picking and packing, sales, cleaning, etc.) to a third party which allows the outsource partner to assume the entire labour law risk. This model establishes an “Arm’s Length” relationship between Carrus and the Client, as Carrus assumes de facto control over the outsourced process and provides the Client with labour flexibility within the confines of a service level agreement.

You can basically outsource any process of your choice, i.e. your core business is what you choose it to be.

The Carrus BPO solution establishes an independent contractor relationship between Carrus and the Client and is underpinned by the following elements:

  • Service level agreements with specific outcomes;
  • Outcomes based remuneration (paid per unit);
  • Physical process rests with Carrus;
  • Planning and quality is managed jointly, controlled by Client.

We have had the Carrus BPO concept tested by some of the leading labour lawyers in the country and have received the thumbs up.

Workforce management outsourcing

We provide the right people at the right time and place, doing exactly what our clients need done – while we handle HR details and labour-related risks.

The Carrus team nurture win-win business relationship with each of our corporate clients, as a reliable strategic partner who understands their needs. Our solid understanding of our client's business enables us to tailor exceptionally suitable solutions. Depending on the client's requirements, we can:

  • Provide temporary and permanent staff members from our employee ranks and/or
  • Implement a workforce management solution, whereby we take over a team of the client's existing staff. The individuals are recruited as Carrus employees, who provide services to the client on a temporary or permanent basis.

Expert recruitment and management. High quality staff. Improved service levels at competitive pricing.

  • We accurately address the client's requirements due to our thorough process of selection, interviewing, skills assessment and qualification verification.
  • The quality of our staff is underpinned by the Carrus commitment to develop the productivity and skills of our employees.
  • We attain compliance with Service Level Agreements through incentive-based remuneration: we pay our people for what they do – not ‘because’ they do.
  • We apply outcomes-based management by placing focus on accountability and responsibility from the ground level.

Our clients can focus on their core business activities: we handle HR details and labour-related complexities.

  • We protect our clients against labour law risks with state of the art employment contracts and insurance.
  • We ensure legal compliance: regular confirmation of all statutory compliance, plus support with EE compliance.
  • We provide HR-related administration functions.
  • Our onsite management option ensures close monitoring of performance and discipline.

Tailored solutions ensure reliable and flexible execution of service deliverables.

  • We design client-specific Service Level Agreements (SLA) with deliverables clearly addressed and defined.
  • We offer clients the flexibility to restructure their workforce during operational peaks & troughs, without the complications of operational requirement terminations.
  • We also provide expert consulting and coaching regarding employee relations, industrial relations and labour law.

Company Details

Directors: R Marais, RGM Mokoka

8 Cosmic Street
Linbro Business Park
Linbro Park.

P.O. Box 3502,

Phone: 0861 9999 55
Fax: 0861 9999 66