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Carrus Technical Services

Carrus Technical Services is a one-stop workshop offering a wide range of solutions. We are experts in mechanical repairs and maintenance, fleet management and upkeep. We are also able to perform maintenance on small plants and provide pressure testing of receiver tanks. Our workshops and our network of technical experts provide a comprehensive range of technical services including maintenance, repair, testing and auditing.

The dedicated availability of our technical team ensures unconditional, world class service. Our equipment performs above the industry average and all our operators are fully trained and certified.

We provide technical services to external clients as well as internally to Carrus subsidiaries.

Our Services and Solutions

Our main lines of business are:

  • Automotive Repairs and Maintenance - We specialise in the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles, from cars to trucks and plants.

  • Maintenance Management Programs - We install and manage state-of-the-art vehicle telematics systems, which record vehicle usage, condition, driver conduct and fuel consumption.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Technical Assistance - Our field service team is available 24/7 to provide on-site assistance to our clients, whenever and wherever it is required.

  • Maintenance Outsourcing - We employ, train and manage staff in our clients’ premises to maintain their fleets and mechanical assets.

  • Technical Consultancy - We provide workshop management systems, each tailor-made to the client’s needs. We will conduct all necessary startup checks and checksheets to ensure 90% fleet availability.

Service Differentiators

As a medium-sized company, Carrus Technical Services is small enough to be flexible and to value the strategic importance of our clients’ business, and large enough to exceed their expectations.

We employ well-trained staff who share our commitment to quality and service, and make use of sophisticated technology to deliver the best service possible to our clients.

Our high-tech fleet management system empowers us to keep updated on our clients’ needs. The system will red-flag warranty repairs and alert us to C.O.F. a month in advance, allowing us to procure the necessary parts before your vehicles arrive at our workshop.

We keep a detailed and error-free history of upkeep and repairs, allowing us to produce faithful statements on request.

We believe in providing value for money, and offer services above the industry standard at competitive rates.

Carrus Technical Services is always doing market research on new products that can save our clients money and time. For example, We offer a tyre sealant service. Each tyre is filled with a special liquid compound that coats the inside of the tire. When the tyre is punctured by a nail, this compound will be forced out of the tyre by internal pressure, and will harden on contact with the outside air, instantly sealing the puncture.

This saves your vehicle a trip to the workshop, saves money on tyre replacement costs, and saves you valuable time. An indispensible option if you have several vehicles travelling long distances.

Company Contact Details

Carrus Technical Services

Tel: 011 963 0020
Nicky Barrand: 079 509 4927
Fax: 0866 8411 02

281 3rd Avenue