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Carrus Fleet Management

Carrus Fleet Management provides IT-related services, infrastructure, systems, solutions support and training to Carrus clients. Our contribution is core to the success of all the Carrus solutions.

We operate a wide range of fleet management systems through the usemap of Fleet Risk Operations Command Centers, from which we set up and operate fleet and logistics systems on behalf of our clients. We create and support world-standard IT systems to manage operational data and processes, with focus on fleet risk control and logistics outsourcing.

We have a 'can do' approach to projects and problems. This backed by a solid track record in maintaining long-term relationships that ensure a win-win value propositions for all stakeholders.

Our Services and Solutions

Our focus is on reducing fleet-related costs and operational risks with these solutions:

  • Vehicle tracking

  • Electronic fuel management

  • Fleet and workshop management

  • Business process outsourcing of our clients’ fleet management functions by providing a Fleet Risk Operations Command Centre (FROCC) if required.

  • Development and support of world-standard IT systems to manage fleet-related operational data and processes.

We also have extensive experience in logistics and distribution management, as well as fleet asset and maintenance management.

Service Differentiators

Our service offerings are aligned with market-leading technologies:

  • Carrus Fleet Management is an accredited value-add reseller and implementation partner of the Siemens FM300 vehicle tracking technology and Fleet Manager Professional software.

  • As a member of the SAP Extended Business Program we provide a winning solution through the combination of our expertise and intellectual property with world-class software and templates.

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Company Details

Phone: 0861 9999 56
Fax: 0861 9999 66

8 Cosmic Road
Linbro Business Park
Linbro Park.

P.O. Box 3502,

Directors: F Venter, R Marais, JAJ Venter