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We are a diversified Group of Companies, specialising in business process solutions across the fields of Logistics, Human Capital, Fleet Management, Fleet Maintenance and Service Delivery Optimization.

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Carrus Business process outsourcing an alternative to permanent employment

We are very confident that the Carrus BPO service offering provides our clients with the ideal alternative to the traditional labour broking solution, whilst retaining the flexibility and cost effectiveness of the aforementioned model.

The traditional temporary employment service will remain intact for employment shorter than 3 months and for fixed term contract requirements.

BPO, also known as Functional Outsourcing, is an outsource process (logistics, picking and packing, sales, cleaning, etc.) to a third party which allows the outsource partner to assume the entire labour law risk. This model establishes an “Arm’s Length” relationship between Carrus and the Client, as Carrus assumes de facto control over the outsourced process and provides the Client with labour flexibility within the confines of a service level agreement.

You can basically outsource any process of your choice, i.e. your core business is what you choose it to be.

The Carrus BPO solution establishes an independent contractor relationship between Carrus and the Client and is underpinned by the following elements:

  • Service level agreements with specific outcomes;
  • Outcomes based remuneration (paid per unit);
  • Physical process rests with Carrus;
  • Planning and quality is managed jointly, controlled by Client.

We have had the Carrus BPO concept tested by some of the leading labour lawyers in the country and have received the thumbs up.